Internorm lift and glide sliding door

Our premier Internorm lift and glide sliding door is a market leader in Passive Haus and architectural design. The lift and glide movement of the sliding door, allows the door to move under its own momentum and is therefore extremely easy to use. The door moves upon the touch of a finger, and despite its incredible size, one of its most awe inspiring features is to see the huge doors glide in a controlled and elegant manner.

Why Internorm

Due to the doors duel composition of timber and aluminium it is extremely thermally efficient because it prevents the issue of heat transfer. The aluminium façade also acts as a resistant protective layer that prevents weathering and adds to the life expectancy of the products. It also acts as a blank canvas to exercise you creativity in colour.

The soft internal look that is created by the timber of the aluminium wood clad sliding door is the perfect way to make a house a home. Large sliding doors can sometimes give a house a harsh, commercial look; however with the aluminium wood clad sliding doors you can have the impressive, minimalistic, large glazed area but with a homely feel.

The lift and glide door from Internorm is available in Alu clad timber, Alu clad UPVC and UPVC.



  • Available up to 5800 x 2800 mm.

  • Three attractive handle designs.

  • Easy lifting and sliding of sash maximum 400kg sash weight.

  • Highly thermally insulating glass fibre low profile threshold.

  • Aluminium clad external surface allows for unlimited choice of colours.

  • Can be perfectly matched to all other Internorm products including windows and doors perfect for installation of a full house.