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Steel Alternative Internal Sliding Doors Liverpool

During her business premises refurbishment, Amanda turned to John Knight Glass for a sophisticated solution. The project included creating a partition between the reception area and the consultation room. Adhering to the desired design aesthetics—marked by style and minimalist profiles—the client opted for our 3-panel Steel Alternative sliding doors.

These doors, designed for seamless integration into various spaces, offer both functionality and visual appeal. The top-hung rail facilitates easy room division, complemented by a soft opening and closing mechanism. The reeded glass panels not only enhance privacy but also contribute to the overall aesthetic.

Our Steel Alternative internal sliding doors serve as statement pieces, showcasing flexibility in design. They are available as face-mounted sliding doors, alongside matching side panels, or in configurations ranging from double and triple to four-panel designs. For added convenience, these doors can even slide into a wall pocket, remaining discreet when not in use. The adjustable soft-close feature ensures a gentle and controlled closing motion, preventing any abrupt slamming. A hidden piston keeps the door flush against the wall when open, creating a sleek and unobtrusive look.

At John Knight Glass, our commitment to detail and exceptional British craftsmanship sets us apart. We specialize in crafting and installing iconic steel-effect screens that elevate the luxury living experience. Our solutions are designed for maximum impact and enjoyment in any room.

Experience the results first-hand – the sliding door seamlessly enhances the clinic's interior, showcasing the successful fusion of functionality and aesthetics. Choose John Knight Glass for bespoke glazing solutions that redefine your space.


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