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Knight Line Sliding Doors & Velfac Window - Wirral

This project showcases a seamless Kitchen/Diner extension, featuring a state-of-the-art fitted kitchen harmonizing perfectly with our exclusive Knight Line Sliding Doors and Velfac Top-Guided Windows.

Our Knight Line sliding glass door system stands out as an economical yet sophisticated choice for expansive openings. The versatility of having 3 individual tracks allows configurations of up to 6 door panels. The Knight Slide door, with its spacious door panels and slender mullion, boasts features typically associated with higher-priced alternatives.

The Velfac window, also referred to as awning windows, adopts a top-guided design, hinged at the top for effortless operation. The smooth guidance along the track ensures easy opening and closing with minimal effort. This top-guided feature is particularly advantageous for windows situated in elevated or challenging-to-reach locations, providing convenient operability.

The transformed space now exudes a cozy and expansive ambiance, ideal for enjoying pleasant weather and captivating views into the garden, explore our Knight Line Sliding Doors and Velfac Top-Guided Windows to elevate your living spaces.