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Knight Line Timber Windows and Doors Hale, Manchester

Much like numerous older properties, this residence faced challenges related to drafts and cold spots, primarily due to its deteriorating original timber single-glazed windows. The homeowners sought our expertise to develop a new window solution that would pay homage to the property's original aesthetics while enhancing its overall energy efficiency and reducing ongoing maintenance requirements.

The most prominent feature of the house undoubtedly lies in its expansive bay window, offering picturesque views of the rear garden. Given the distinctive design and unique character, we supplied these windows in timber construction with double glazing, meticulously replicating the appearance of the original windows while significantly improving energy efficiency and sound insulation.

In keeping with the tradition of the grand period properties in Hale, Manchester, the clients opted for Knight Line Timber Windows and French Doors from The Knight Collection. This choice perfectly aligns with the desire to replace old timber windows with an authentic alternative.

The final result is a thoughtful upgrade, where the new windows closely mirror the design and style of the originals while introducing a more contemporary glazing solution. The property now boasts improved warmth, reduced noise, and decreased maintenance demands. If you're considering a similar project, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our contact form.