The Knight Collection Timber Windows

Available in a wide range of materials and styles, JKG windows can be manufactured to suit a wide range of property types and styles, offering you a very versatile choice for your project. Although these are our most cost effective timber window, quality is certainly not compromised as these windows are manufactured to a very high standard.

The JKG range of windows are available in a wide choice of different materials includin Pine, Meranti and Oak, and there is a range of finishes available including; clear, stain and paint.  This enables us to supply you with perfectly customised JKG windows that will perfectly suit your unique home.

The thermal nature offered by a timber frame, combined with modern glazing technology can offer some of the most energy efficient windows on the market. Our windows are available in both double and triple glazing up to 56mm depending on your requirements. JKG windows can be designed with a choice of different glass and frame configurations, making it possible to achieve an excellent U value for your project and future energy cost savings.

Hoppe Secustick handles are fitted to JKG windows as standard and are equipped with a patented locking system which offers enhanced security protection for your home.  A 4 layer coating system is provided as standard for enhanced durability and there is also the option to customise the colour with a choice of Azure, RAL colours and dual colours, making this a truly exceptional window option for your budget.



Our standard timber window has a simple profile with 4mm radius on all edges. Our standard profile timber windows comes complete with 24mm a rated double glazing (4/16/4) with an overall U value from 1.31 W/m2k.






Energy Line

Our Energy timber window has a 78mm profile offering higher energy efficiency over our standard window due to the deeper profile. Our enery windows are fitted with 40mm triple glazing (4/14/4/14/4) achieveing an overall U value from 0.97 W/m2k.




Thermo Line

Our Thermo timber window is our thickest profile at 92mm and therefore offers the best energy efficiency within our JKG timber range. Our Thermo windows are fitted with 48mm triple glazing (4/18/4/18/4) achieveing an overall U value from 0.80 W/m2k.




All of our profiles including Standard, Energy and Thermo are also available in a historic profile. Our historic window can be supplied in various different frame profiles and styles to match the original windows on your period home or building ensuring there is no compromise in the asthetic of the window when choosing to upgrade to a more effieienct system.