Crittall Sliding Doors

Super stylish contemporary interior meets striking architectural glazing, this living space has us filled with envy, the perfect blend of personality, homeliness and traditional features. As part of the larger renovation we have supplied new glazing for the main downstairs living space of this contemporary family home. As part of the internal design scheme we have supplied a set of sliding Crittall doors very much the must have interior feature of any trendy interior space. Throughout the rest of the living space, we supplied several aluminium windows and a large set of slimline sliding doors which pitched top light.

Situated in a small family-friendly village within Cheshire this traditional home was full of character but needed a new lease of life. The new homeowners set about a scheme of adjustments and modernizations whilst maintaining important aspects of the building's charm and character. Injecting their own personality whilst being respectful to the original design of the building and making structural alterations to make the building fit for modern living is always a challenging task, however, the finished product here shows that it is possible and the result can be a huge improvement on the original space.

Funky table & chairs with vertical slim aluminium windows.

Black & white image of light casting on aluminium window.

Interior door with the Crittall glazing bars in the backdrop.

Straight on view of the Crittall sliding doors in the open position.

The new space includes a large rear extension and the structural alteration of two existing rooms to create one large space. A large sliding Crittall door has been installed to create a division between the two main living spaces the kitchen and living room. The benefit of this is that the space still feels and functions as one really large open-plan living space whilst having the ability to separate them by closing the sliding doors. Mum and Dad can be cooking in the kitchen whilst the kids are watching TV, preventing the sound from blending between the two spaces whilst allowing visibility between the two rooms.

With such a detailed project there where many trades involved including the builders, kitchen fitters, and more. We worked alongside the other trades to ensure that our windows and doors were fitted at the appropriate time during the process. The internal and external products had to be fitted at different times along the process which was no problem.

Internal view of the slimline aluminium doors with pitched top window.

Abstract view of the sliding doors.

External view of the aluminium sliding doors.

External view of the rear extension showing slimline aluminium sliding doors in the extension and top bedroom above.

With a keen eye for design, the homeowners have executed the interior finishes of this property to perfectly. Combining the perfect blend of traditional features such as the fireplace and wall panelling, paying homage to the original style of the property, they have mixed in their own personality with soft furnishings and artwork, creating a unique and beautiful interior scheme. This is a perfect example of how a traditional home can be adapted to create a modern family home that exudes style and personality which would be hard to replicate in a modern property.

The renovation exemplifies the successful marriage of contemporary design with traditional architecture. Through the strategic integration of sliding steel Crittall doors and large slim-line sliding doors with pitched windows, the home underwent a remarkable transformation, balancing modernity with timeless elegance. By preserving its heritage while embracing innovation, the renovated family home now stands as a testament to the enduring power of thoughtful design.

Marble fireplace with Crittall in the background.
Macro view of the Crittall sliding door open.
Close up of the living area.
Close up of the wall panelling.

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