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This case study delves into the renovation of a traditional family home, showcasing a seamless blend of contemporary design elements with classic architectural features. The project highlights the incorporation of trendy contemporary interiors, including the installation of a sliding steel Crittall door and a large slim-line sliding door with pitched window. Through careful planning and execution, the renovation not only revitalized the living space but also enhanced its functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Introduction: Nestled within a quaint suburban neighbourhood, the residence stood as a testament to traditional architectural charm. However, as the family's needs evolved, so did their desire for a living space that harmonized contemporary comforts with timeless elegance. Thus, they embarked on a journey to renovate their beloved family home, transforming it into a haven that exuded modern sophistication while retaining its historical character.

Design Concept: The design concept revolved around seamlessly integrating contemporary elements into the existing framework of the home. Central to this vision was the incorporation of sliding steel Crittall doors and large slim-line sliding doors with pitched windows, which would not only introduce natural light but also establish a fluid connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Additionally, the rear of the property was extended creating a dual height living space housing a new modern kitchen and open plan dining/living area.

Renovation Process: The renovation commenced with meticulous planning, as the design team worked closely with the homeowners to conceptualize their vision. Careful consideration was given to preserving the home's architectural integrity while introducing modern enhancements. The installation of the sliding steel Crittall door, a hallmark of contemporary design, served as a focal point, seamlessly dividing the living areas while allowing for an uninterrupted flow of light.

Similarly, the addition of a large slim-line sliding door with pitched windows transformed the rear façade, creating a panoramic view of the lush garden landscape. This architectural feature not only expanded the visual space but also invited the outdoors in, blurring the boundaries between interior and exterior living areas.

Interior Design: With a keen eye for design the homeowners have executed the interior finishes of this property to stunning effect. Combining the perfect blend of traditional features such as the fireplace and wall panelling, paying homage to the original style of the property, they have mixed in their own personality with soft furnishings and artwork, creating a unique and beautiful interior scheme. This is a perfect example of how traditional home can be adapted to create a modern family home which exudes style and personality which would be hard to replicate in a modern property.


The renovation exemplifies the successful marriage of contemporary design with traditional architecture. Through the strategic integration of sliding steel Crittall doors and large slim-line sliding doors with pitched windows, the home underwent a remarkable transformation, balancing modernity with timeless elegance. By preserving its heritage while embracing innovation, the renovated family home now stands as a testament to the enduring power of thoughtful design.

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