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The Bygone Harmony window offers an identical sash profile and frame found on our top of the range Symphony window, as well as the textured acrylic foil across all profiles.  Featuring the traditional “butt jointed” construction on each deep bottom rail and continuous run through horn, along with mitred joints on the others, this window provides an authentic appearance where it matters most.

Key specification:

  • Authentic textured acrylic foil across all profiles.
  • Slim line 18mm “A rated” sealed units, filled with Krypton gas which affords deeper internal Georgian bars, glazing beads and chamfered external bars offering the ‘putty-line’ traditional glazed appearance.
  • Fully “secured by design” compliant, police preferred sash windows specification due to the fully steel reinforced sashes and the Acorn or Beehive designed stainless steel clawed cam catches.

Extra Deep Bar and Bead on Slender Sealed Units

While all windows in the Bygone range are secured by design, “A rated” as standard, Harmony offers slim line 18mm sealed units filled with Krypton gas which performs better in narrower units.  This allows the windows to accommodate really deep astragal bars and glazing bead.  To finish, the traditional “putty-glazed” appearance is provided by the externally chamfered sashes and bars.

Authentic horns and deep bottom rails

Bygone Harmony sash windows feature the fashionable horns that rose to popularity in the Victorian period.  Like the deep bottom rails, these were made with vertical mortice and tennoned joints and Harmony replicate this for a truly authentic appearance.

Adding to their exceptional authenticity, Harmony windows boast such a convincing textured acrylic wood foil, most people cannot believe on first touch that they aren’t made from wood.

While the standard offering is while, a cream coloured foil is also available in this range.  For those wanting to something more bespoke windows, any RAL chart or “Farrow and Ball” colour can also be made.

Colour Suited Locks

Each window from the Bygone Harmony range feature a single or pair of solid stainless steel cam catches and face fixed keeps.  Patented and unique, a pair of right and left hand cams will improve security by centralising large sashes within their frame.  Even single cams attached with three screws won’t be forced apart.

Each keep is attached by 4 screws, 2 vertically for alignment and 2 horizontally into the steel reinforcing.  Additionally, to protect the stainless steel claw’s plated surface, each keep is also fitted with a special nylon insert.

Beehive or Acorn release knobs and cams are available as standard for Harmony, however the porcelain ball design can be added as an optional extra.


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