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Centors back ground lies in Bi-fold door hardware (handles, hinges, and wheels). This makes them experts in what is unarguably the most complicated and important component of a Bi-fold door.

They have channelled this expertise into achieving the most innovative and aesthetically beautiful hinge on the market. Each Centor C1 aluminium Bi-fold door panel is bespoke milled, so that each hinge can be internally screwed into the door panel itself meaning that the wheels of the Bi-fold run flush with the Bi-folds panel to achieve a minimalistic, slick finish that sets the Centor C1 Bi-fold door apart from all the other Bi-fold doors on the market that use, chunky hinges that suspend the door panel away from the hinged.

So why is this better? The slick sharp lines that come with aluminium products can sometimes create the look of a more commercial product. This can also be an issue with Bi-fold doors as they can appear ultra-modern; this is created by the harsh chunky hinges that can be seen on most Bi-fold doors. However the flush, minimal hinges of the Centor C1 Bi-fold door eliminates this problem and creates a homely feel that makes this the perfect Bi-fold door to create your perfect family home.

Centor C1 Bi-fold doors, can achieve an effortless, smooth opening and closing action, and a superior level of performance that will have complete longevity.

That’s because Centors back ground in ground breaking folding door hardware gives doors the ability to glide freely and fold back with the lightest of touches. You can enjoy effortless fingertip operation, thanks to angled rollers and track, articulated wheels, track sweepers and sill covers that protect the system from dust and debris.