Velfac Sliding Door Project | Wirral

Velfac Sliding Door

Looking to replace an existing patio door with a new alu-clad timber door with a slimline frame. The Velfac 200 Sliding door was the perfect choice with no door handles externally and the slimmest frame available out of any alu-clad sliding door on the market. Externally the sliding door has a clean modern look with a slim frame and matches perfectly with the other aluminium windows and doors throughout the property.

The doors have been powder coated to match the existing windows throughout the home and the thin frame on the doors are a close match to the existing window which give a cohesive look throughout the property.

The two sets of doors meet at the corner of the building with a steel post, we have custom cladded the steel post in a colour matched aluminium to the doors to give a seamless look.

The alu-clad frames have been fitted with 44mm triple glazing which when combined with the timber frames achieves a very low U value ensuring the overall U value of the room has been greatyly improved over the original doors.