Timber Doors Project Lymm
Timber door replacement, Cheshire

Timber Doors Lymm

Our clients on this project own a stunning period home in Lymm, Cheshire. Some of their original timber windows and doors have started to rot due to age and require replacement. Looking to keep the property as close to the original as possible we worked with the homeowners to design, supply and fit replacement doors that are as close to the original as possible with all the added benefits that modern glazing technology brings.

Manufactured from the same fabricate as the original timber door however finished with a 5 stage paint process for added weather protection, double glazing for added energy efficiency and a 5 point lock for added security the replacement doors are manufactured in the same style as the original but with many benefits that we have come to expect thanks to modern technology and manufacturing techniques.

The door cills, handles and hinges have all been finished in black to contrast against the off white doors. Not only have the new doors improved the look of the property but also vastly improved the energy efficiency of the home due to reduction in drafts that where an issue with the original doors.

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