Rationel and Origin New Build Properties Llanddona Anglesey

High-Quality Glazing Solutions for Anglesey's Challenging Climate

The picturesque island of Anglesey sits on the most northern point of North Wales. From the breath-taking coastal vistas to the serene countryside, Anglesey is the ideal backdrop for our client’s house build.

When selecting windows and door for a property in Anglesey considerations must be made in regards to the weather and governing specification guidelines along with the desired look and performance of the products. Anglesey's weather can be challenging, with windy coastal areas and chilly winters. Investing in energy-efficient windows and doors isn't just environmentally responsible but also economically savvy. Opting for high-quality, insulated windows and doors helps maintain a comfortable temperature in the property while curbing long-term energy costs. Moreover, Anglesey, like many regions, has specific guidelines governing window and door installations, consulting with local authorities or experts in the field can streamline compliance with these requirements.

For our clients stunning new build property, Rationel Aura Plus Windows and Doors were selected. These modern windows boast clean lines and a minimalistic design, making them a perfect fit for contemporary construction and that distinctive Scandinavian feel. Notably, the Aura Plus range is renowned for their low U-value, ensuring energy efficiency. In this instance, our clients opted for triple-glazed Rationel Aura Plus windows and doors which meant the overall U-value was 0.79, which is at Passiv Haus standard. The external aluminium on the Aura Plus frames in RAL 7036 matched the aesthetic of the home perfectly. Additionally, with the internal frame being made of timber, dual colour options are available at no extra cost, in this case, our clients selected RAL9010 internally to complement their interiors .

Origin bi-fold doors were installed to compliment the properties finish. These doors provide an uninterrupted view of the landscape and when open, seamlessly merge the indoor and outdoor spaces, enhancing flexibility for an enriched living experience.