Triple Glazing - Decueninck 2800 White PvcU window and door range

There has been talk for years of PvcU windows and door being up graded to take triple glazing at affordable prices.

With the ever increasing cost of fuel and the worry of global warming we have been working closely with our extrusion company: Decueninck to create a triple glazed PvcU window offering far high thermal values at no extra cost to you the client (apart from the additional extra pane of Glass) and from June 2nd the window and door range has arrived.

Our triple glazed option now offers 40mm thick triple glazed sealed units as standard (giving a centre pane U value as low as 0. 7) along with new low compression seals to increase air tightness.  Triple Glazing for everyone has truly arrived

If you have requested a quote from ourselves in the last 12 months we can now offer an upgrade on your quotation to install triple glazing instead of double glazing for just an extra £30.00 metre.  The benefits of this cannot be overstated call into our showroom to see the difference triple glazing could make to your home today.