Maintenance of Timber Windows and Doors

Timber windows and doors require a quick maintenance check twice a year.  

Take a few minutes to look carefully at the exterior surfaces and check for any small cracks in the paint.  Finding these cracks early will prevent them causing problems - especially as the winter months start to draw in.  Take the time to check windows and doors on south and western facing elevations as these are especially exposed to the weather in the UK.

Following your examination carefully clean the windows and doors with a soft brush (either a clean dust pan brush or a paint brush) to remove dust, cobwebs and other detritus. Following this carefully repair any cracks with matching paint using a small brush.  We recommend starting to paint after the windows and doors have dried from the morning dew and also finishing in time to allow the surfaces to dry to touch before the evening moisture arrives.

Your timber frames and sashes will also benefit from a quick clean each time you wash the windows, use lukewarm water with mild detergent to wipe away any dirt or grime to keep your frames and sashes looking like new for years to come.