Traditional Sash Windows

As a prominent feature of architectural history for more than 300 years, the timeless style of timber sash windows has ensured that they maintain their position as the premier window style over the years.  Synonymous for their narrow sightlines and intricate profiles, the traditional sliding sash is at its finest when constructed from the tried and tested material of choice, timber.

With the benefit of modern technology, we have been able to develop a superior range, combining traditional aesthetics and innovative design, to offer a range of high performance windows that can match most period styles.  One of the biggest benefits of our modern innovations is the exceptional thermal performance that comes as standard with a George Barnsdale sliding sash window, with an ‘A rated’ option available.

Offering our industry leading guarantee across all of our windows, you can choose from a wide range of design, layout, glazing, timber and paint options, so you have the freedom to design a window to replicate a traditional period window perfectly.

Using the high quality Allart ironmongery specially selected for its traditional appearance, George Barnsdale sliding sash windows enjoy the finish and performance of a traditional window with the benefit of the highest criteria of window operability external tests.

With a range of hardwoods and the modified timber Accoya available, you can specify the construction material of your window.  Our standard timber of choice is Engineered Redwood, free from knots and imperfections and with the benefit of being able to be produced to almost any length, reducing wastage. 
By removing knots, in addition to the aesthetic benefits, we also prevent resin exudation, which damages the coating.  Additionally, the reduced moisture uptake and increased stability of this timber creates a substrate which actually enhances the life span of the coating (this being the key to a long life due to the protective feature of a coating, thus protecting the window indefinitely).

We have developed an advanced coating system, designed to provide maximum timber protection, while also allowing it to breath and showcase its natural characteristics.  This system is crucial for the longevity of timber windows and we are so confident with our exceptional system that we offer an impressive 10 year guarantee on our paint finishes. 
Our coating system can be produced in almost any stain or paint colour, simply provide a RAL, NCS, British Standard code or supply us with an actual sample.  If you would like a different colour outside and inside, we can also provide a dual colour window for ultimate flexibility

We offer a comprehensive range of glazing options which can again be customised to suit your individual application.  Some of the most popular options we offer are:

  • Toughened Safety Glass: Toughening process to increase safety and strength.
  • Laminated Security Glass: Laminated to provide additional security over toughened units.
  • Acoustic Glass: Increases existing high level of sound insulation with specialist laminates and thicker glass.
  • Solar Control Glass: Allows the heat gain from the sun to be matched to suit the requirements of a building.
  • Lead: We offer a wide range of leading widths, styles and colours.
  • Stained Glass: We can provide coloured glass according to your requirements.
  • Obscure Glass: We have a wide choice of obscure patterned glass to choose from.