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If you prefer your windows to have a warm, tactile and cosy appearance, then you have probably already decided on a timber window.  Since 1884, George Barnsdale have been loyally making beautiful premium timber windows at their UK factory.

The George Barnsdale range of windows are a result of substantial investment in research, alongside their development and testing over many years, resulting in a range of windows that truly excels in all areas of performance.  Backed up with extensive test data, all of which is from third party UKAS approved test houses, you can be confident that all of their claims are proven.  In addition, the range also boasts accreditations for quality, sustainability and performance, giving you complete confidence that your George Barnsdale product will perform for you and your family to the highest level.


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With an industry leading 10 year guarantee, their glazing paint coating system was specially developed to offer maximum performance and protection from each coat.  Allowing the individual characteristics of the timber to show through, the advanced coating system also allows the timber to breathe.  Special consideration is given when selecting the timber that is used, ensuring that they not only look at strength and stability, but its compatibility with their advanced coating system to ensure that their products require minimal maintenance.  First of all a Base flowcoat is applied, containing a specifically designed preservative alongside a basecoat which penetrates the timber.  This provides excellent protection against damaging UV radiation.  Then a Mid flowcoat follows, involving the application of a second flowcoat, but this time a clear solution which penetrates the timber in order to provide protection against moisture. This provides a perfect base for the later spray applied coats. Next a Mid coat is applied with special properties for the timber’s protection and to regulate its moisture, in addition to providing the perfect surface for the adhesion of the top coat.  Lastly, the Top coat is applied in the required colour.  The spray coats are applied using a robot purpose built for this application and each product is then hand finished by their skilled craftsmen.

George Barnsdale casement timber window - internal view

George Barnsdale - Sash window installation

All George Barnsdale windows are manufactured from sustainably sourced engineered timber as standard. All of their timber is sourced with FSC® Chain of Custody and is specially selected for its outstanding environmental and performance credentials.  All George Barnsdale frames and window sashes are manufactured from Engineered Redwood as standard. By utilising this engineered timber, they achieve very good dimensional stability and durability, as well as very good thermal performance. The increased stability and reduced moisture uptake of the timber produces a substrate which results in an enhanced coating life span (this being the key to a long life window). In addition, it is also engineered to be knot free, which not only benefits the aesthetics, it also prevents resin exudation, which damages the coating.  Due to increased exposure to weathering, the cill on all products is manufactured from FSC® sourced hardwood.

Window Maintenance

Take a look at the below video from the Wood Window Alliance on how to repaint a factory finished wooden window. Repainting wooden window is an important part in ensuring the longevity of the window.

Factory Tour

Go behind the scenes at the George Barnsdale factory, take a look at what goes into building authentic timber windows from George Barnsdale. Time honoured design meets 21st century technology to deliver some of the best windows available on the market.