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Skyprism Aluminium Roof Lantern

Thinner, stronger and lighter, the Skyprism roof lantern is stronger than many of the other roof lanterns available on the market, thus creating large expanses off glass and enabling the use of thinner glazing bars. These unique design features have created a roof light which allows more sky and less roof, maximising the view and amount of light flooding the building.

Internally this system is limited to a square profile, however externally a choice of bevelled and flat capping is available to suit both modern and traditional properties. Skyprism aluminium roof lanterns are powder coated in a large choice of RAL colours and the Skyprism system can be supplied in a dual colour option, enabling you to have different colours internally and externally. The wide range of options available with the Skyprism glazing system ensure you will be able to create a roof lantern that is perfect for your project.

Skyprism have taken advantage of the strength of Aluminium to create extra strong rafters within their roof lantern system. This has enabled them to set their tie bars much higher than was previously possible with UPVC system, increasing the sense of height and space and ultimately adding to the wow factor of your new space.



Aluminium Roof Lantern Gallery

Take a look through some of our aluminium roof lantern installations.

Glazing Bars

All of our aluminium roof lanterns are available in various types of decorative caps including Flat, Bevelled and ornate enabling you to create a modern or traditional look when designing your roof lantern.


Our aluminium roof lanterns have extremely slim glazing bars maximising on light, take a closer look below.





Size Options

Our range of aluminium roof lanters are available in a range of standard options as well as made to measure custom sizes. Roof lights ordered from our standard range can be delivered and installed with quicker lead times than custom orders.


Regular roof lanters also known as Traditional are available in the following standard sizes:


  • 1000 X 2000
  • 1500 X 2500
  • 2000 X 3000
  • 2000 X 4000


Contemporary roof lanters also known as Traditional are available in the following standard sizes:


  • 1000 X 1500
  • 1000 X 2000
  • 1500 X 2000
  • 1500 X 2500
  • 1500 X 3000

Technical Details

  • Celsius glass available.

  • Square profile only.

  • Up to 44mm triple glazing.

  • Thin 40mm glazing bars allowing more light in.

  • Overall U-value of as low as 0.7 W/m2 k.