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Rejuvenate and Modernise your Roofline

Renewing your old roofline with PvcU really can give your property a facelift.

We offer a wide range of colours and finishes as well as White, Black, Light Oak, Rosewood and Mahogany we also have a range of ‘life like’ wood foils including Oak, Ash and Silver Birch. As well as Gutters, Fascia and Soffits we can also supply a Dry Verge to complete your properties rejuvenation.

When carrying out the installation we always remove the old fascia and soffits, you would be surprised how many customers have been told to simply fit capping boards over existing timber fascias rather than remove them, this may seem a cost effective option when presented, but in the long term it creates a devastating effect as the rotten wood hasn’t been removed, instead it is still there and as a result would be sealed in, allowing further unseen deterioration and possible infestation. It is important to remember this when making a decision to renew a roofline.

Our professional installation team ensure that every property we work on receives the care and attention to detail that results in a finished result that lasts the test of time. Whilst working on your property We also provide a free inspection of the roof Timbers and will give recommendations to renewal if required.