Skydiamond Bespoke Aluminium Roof Lanterns

Skydiamond bespoke roof lanterns offer the highest U-values and more configurable options than any other roof lantern within our range. Mono pitched, Dodecagon (12 sided), Octagon (8 sided), Stretched Octagonal, Double pitched and Flat are just some of the configurations that can be achieved within our bespoke roof light range.

If you are looking for a way to bring more natural light into your living space but are not sure if it is possible give us a ring on 0151 342 2266 to discuss your project we are more than happy to help.


There are several cutting edge features built into the Skydiamond roof lantern system, making them one of the most thermally efficient systems on the market. The internal and external components of the system are completely separated from each other, ensuring there are no cold bridges therefore keeping heat loss and temperature transfer to a minimum. Unlike most systems on the market, the glass on a Skydiamond roof lantern is sealed in two places reducing heat loss even further.

The system is available with a range of different profiles and finishes both internally and externally, ensuring you can design a roof light that will sit perfectly within your home. Profiles are available in Square, Ornate and Ogee to suit a variety of styles including soft, modern and Victorian. All aluminium roof lights are powder coated which can be completed in a wide range of RAL colours.

Skydiamond roof lights can be fitted with opening roof vents that can be both operated manually and electronically, enabling you to control the flow of fresh air into your property, perfect for those hot summer days.

Celsius performance glass can be supplied with our Skydiamond roof lights which can further enhance the performance of your new roof light within you home, making this system truly exceptional.

Technical Features

  • Celsius glass available.

  • Manual and electric roof vents available.

  • Square, rrnate and raked frame profiles.

  • Standard and bespoke sizes available.

  • Thermally broken frame giving superior thermal efficiency.

  • Large range of standard RAL colour options available.

Bespoke Roof Lantern Gallery

Skydiamond - Glazing Profiles

Our top of the range roof lantern Skydiamond has 3 different glazing profiles that can be chosen from when designing your roof lantern. The ability to customise the glazing bar profiles on the Skydiamond makes it a perfect choice when looking for a roof lantern that will match your property style perfectly. If you are looking to achieve a modern look with your new space, a square profile would be the best choice, alternatively if you are looking to achieve a traditional look to match your victorian property the Ornate Victorian profile would be the best choice.



Square profile

The square profile is perfect when looking to achieve a modern look both externally and internally.

                                      Square profile                

Ogee Rounded Profile

The ogee rounded profile is great for achieve a softer and more homely feel inside of the property.

                                      Ogee Rounded Profile                

Ornate Victorian Profile

The ornate victorian profile has been designed to sit well within traditional and victorian properties.

                                      Ornate Victorian Profile                


Technical Drawings

Bespoke Aluminium Roof Lantern drawing