Steel Alternative Doors & Screens (Internal Use)


We have developed a range of aluminium doors and screens that replicate the look of steel. This particular range of steel alternative doors has been designed for Internal use only, removing the need for weather seals and weather protection. This has enabled us to create a steel alternative door that is much cheaper than anything we have seen before.

Our system works based on a pivot point which can be positioned in the centre or at the edge of each opening. When positioned in the centre the door can pivot a full 360 degrees for the ultimate wow factor. All hinges are hidden within the sleek aluminium frame making it almost invisible to the end user.

The doors are made up of an slim outer frame with a large piece of toughened glass, slimmer glazing bars can be positioned anywhere within the door to create the look that you desire for your new door. The frame can be supplied in a range of different colours.

This system is ideal for use as a single door, double door or room divider and is perfect for installation into both new and existing properties. Installation is also quick and simple keeping costs down to a minimum compared with other systems.