Centor Bifold Doors

Intelligent design and long lasting performance...

Centor is a multi-award-winning company dedicated to the design and manufacture of great-looking and high-performing Bifold Doors which set the standards for other manufacturers to follow.

Founded by German-born engineer Frank Spork, the grandfather of the current Managing Director, Nigel Spork. Centor has manufactured doors across three generations with six decades of experience. Based at their international headquarters in Birmingham, Centor is a highly respected name within the door industry and produces some of the most outstanding Bifold Doors you will see in your search for a new Bifold.

Centor, like all great companies, has a passion for being at the leading edge of technology and operate one of the largest Research & Development departments within the door manufacturing and design industry. Striving to continuously innovate – and there for delivering excellence as a standard, Centor maintains an envied reputation for superior quality in the Bifold Door marketplace .

We are proud to be a Certified Partner of Centor Europe and offer the full range of Centor Bifold doors for you to choose from. We have demonstration models of the Centor C1 flagship Bifold in our Heswall showroom and highly recommend visiting the showroom to see the first class quality and operation in person.

Door Configuration Options

When considering a new Bifold Door you may wish to consider the number of doors you wish to have in the Bifold as well as the option for a "Traffic Panel" which opens independently of the Bifold.

Our partner company Centor® offers several popular options which you can see in the videos below. Centor® also offer their flagship C1 Aluminium Bifold door in almost any configuration you may desire. The choice of of door widths, number of doors and direction of Bifold apply to all our Bifold Doors range. Hopefully you'll find ideas and inspiration for your choice through the ideas presented below.

If you would like to confirm if a particular idea you have can be achieved or if you would like to discuss something not shown in the examples below please call our experienced team on 0151 342 2266 and we'll give you all the help, assistance and information we can to assist you in choose the right Centor® C1 system or other bifold door for your property.

Take a look at some of our example configurations here.