Not so 'Young Gary'

Running a busy business often means that the passage of time is something that I think about once in a while.

Every month I sit down with my Installation Teams and Surveyors. We discuss the previous months installations and work which we've completed for our clients with a particular focus on the fascinatingly varied feature projects which we carry out each month. These are usually the largest, most energy efficient (Often Passivhaus / Passive House constructions) or the most unusual projects.

During the meeting "Young Gary" (Mr Gary Bradley) was recounting an experience on a energy efficient windows installation overlooking the Valley's in North Wales when he suddenly paused and asked: "John why do you continue calling me 'Young Gary' when 'Old Gary' retired 6 years ago and I have worked for you for 16 years?!"

The probable answer is that old habits are hardest to change and friendly nicknames, which formed part of our strong team camaraderie over a decade and a half ago are still the corner stones of our installation teams.

Following our meeting as I shook hands with my Engineers I realized that all the colleagues at the meeting had worked for me for at least ten years and others well in excess of that time scale.

To give you an idea here is a short breakdown:

"Young Mike" - Started aged 16 as an apprentice now 38 - 22 years service.

"Young Alan" - started aged 16 as an apprentice now 42 - 26 years service.

Carl - started aged 16 an apprentice now 33 - 17 years service.

Andy - started aged 16 an apprentice now 30 - 14 years service.

"Young Dave" - started aged 16 an apprentice now 39 - 23 years service.

Steve - Joined the team from Everest aged 24 now 35 - 11 years service.

Barry - started aged 16 an apprentice now 29 - 13 years service.

Ron - Joined the team from Everest (no age given!) when the Company started 29 years ago!

To answer "Young Gary's" question I simply replied "You're still young to me Gary!" which raised a smile across the room.

For our clients I know that the one of the deciding factors in hiring John Knight Glass for a project is the stability and reassurance that our teams have "been there and done it" often many times over and crucially for many of the teams they've worked as a partnership for a very long time which means that they are experts at the work they carry out.

So when I speak to clients and say "you're in good hands" and that my "Lads" will do a "very good job" you can see why I can say it with every ounce of confidence knowing that the passage of time and the experience of the teams will mean exactly that.

John Knight - 29 years of building dreams.