New Storm II window from Evolution

Possibly the biggest development in the UpvC window and door market in recent times has been the "Timber look" window.

Over the last five years there has been an increasing call for a maintenance free window and door that had the look of timber for the discerning client who requires a window that will look and feel like an original timber window without requiring the ongoing maintenance that a hand crafted timber construction would entail.

The new Evolution Storm II Window comes with specially designed mortice style jointing to match the fabrication detail of a timber window that traditional welded PvcU frames do not have.  To complete the 'timber look' 100mm outer frames are added to match the thickness of timber frames and a white wood textured finish which has been coloured to the same RAL as the antique lead paints that windows were traditionally painted with completes the illusion.

Evolution Storm II windows also come with an exciting new range of handles previously unseen in the PvcU window market including Monkey tail or period handles in black, pewter and antique silver.

Should you require a different coloured finish the windows can be colour bonded to an RAL colour  to match any of the major paint manufacturers product names. 

As a testament to the quality of the finish provided by the new Evolution Storm II frames the range has been approved to replace timber windows by conservation officers in projects across the UK.  If you are looking for a hassle free, low maintenance window for your project (especially if you have a listed property or conservation requirement) the Evolution Storm II windows may well be exactly what you've been waiting for!