New Ornate design glazing bars for the HWL roof system


The High Wind Load (HWL) thermally broken Aluminium skylight system has been a great success due to the systems fantastic thermal performance, being one of the few thermally broken roof systems in the market place. 

By way of definition Thermally Broken means that the installation has been designed to minimise the loss of heat through the glazing or surrounding units by 'breaking' the direct passage through the installation therefore keeping the (possibly expensively produced) heat within the room.

Our HWL roof lights now combine the low drop look it has always had and the illusion of a timber structure with the introduction of the new the new Ornate design glazing bars which provide additional elegance and style to the lantern. We believe we have taken the Aluminium Roof lantern to the next level and already customers are as excited as we are by the potential this development brings.