Evolution Flush Casement Window arrives at JKG

Choosing the right replacement windows has always been a difficult choice when considering installation into properties built prior to 1955.  Put simply the popular option of PvcU windows can look ever so slightly out of place and the main reason for this is that all PvcU windows are made in a style which is referred to as the 'storm proof look'.  This style unsurprisingly first appeared on the market in 1955 and replaced the existing style which was the 'Flush Casement System'.

When the storm proof timber window arrived on the market in 1955 it was deemed to be revolutionary, in a similar fashion to the arrival of PvcU or Aluminium double and triple glazed windows of today. 

The main plaudits for the storm proof window, and ultimately why they style was so widely acclaimed and successful was the inclusion of the then revolutionary double sealing system. The older style flush casement window with a single seal often leaked air and as a result a draught would occur through the sash. The double seal significantly eliminated this draught making houses warmer and reducing heating costs. 

Owners of properties built in the years preceding 1955 are therefore left with a difficult decision. The flush casement style windows look fabulous and match the expected aesthetic of a property of that age but are not competitive when considering the energy efficiency of the window.  Many property owners and developers are therefore torn between maintaining or replacing the window with a similarly 'leaky' timber flush casement window or installing a modern storm proof version which in many cases would spoil the look of the property. Sometimes you simply may not have a choice as conservation laws might preclude the choice of any alternative.
At long last there is a solution which offers the best of both worlds and one which has also been designed to be potentially installed in conservation areas!

Our partner company Evolution have spent a long time consulting closely with Conservation Officers, Planners and Architects to research and solve this difficult problem and the result is a brand new design: The Dual Sealing Flush Casement PvcU window.

The new Storm 2 Flush Casement window is constructed from extremely reliable and durable weather proof PvcU but is designed to mimic the original pre-1955 windows in both style and operation.  

The Storm 2 windows are constructed with 'mortise and tenon' look-a-like joints, a choice of 'Period' and 'Monkey Tail' handles and in addition traditional style 'peg stays' which allow the window to remain open to a owner predefined distance.  A choice of finishes and colours allows each window to be customised if required to complete a very compelling and very traditional timber look.

The new Storm 2 flush Casement window arrives at the showroom on the 7th of May 2013 and will be showcased as part of our showroom alterations. We highly recommend visiting the showroom to see (and importantly try out) this very exciting innovation, especially if you are considering windows replacements in your home or office.