The Knight Collection - Finishes

Our Aluminium clad timber range of sash windows is available in a wide range of finishes. The external aluminium capping is polyester powder coated in any RAL colour of your choice. Internally the timber frame can be stained in a wide range of colours or painted to any RAL colour. The colour of both the aluminium capping and timber frame can be either the same or different to create a dual colour window. This system give a wide range of options enabling you to custom build the perfect sash window.



External Aluminium Capping

Externally the windows are clad with a thin aluminium capping, this gives the window an extremely hard wearing exterior which helps to extend the life of your new sash windows as well as keeping maintenance down to a minimum.  All of our aluminium products are Polyester powder-coated to a large range of RAL colours making it possible to supply these windows in almost any colour. Powder coating tends to have extremely good colour and gloss retention in exposure to outdoor weather and UV ensuring your new windows will look newer for longer.

You can find out more information on our RAL colour system here.

Internal Wooden Frame

The main structure of the window is made from timber which can be seen internally, giving a soft and authentic look from the inside. We currently offer 3 different timber for the manufacture of our sash windows including Oak, Meranti and  Pine. All three materials can be finished in either a selection of stains or painted in a wide range of colours giving you a wide choice in finishes.


Pine - preferably selected raw material for production of windows. Pine has a bright fresh colour, durability, excellent resistance to weather conditions and excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. Accessible, easy to handle and cost-effective. It is recommended for customers who value traditional solutions and economical use.

Meranti - this exotic species of hardwood timber from Indonesia has extremely high resistance to weather conditions. The windows made of this material are not only durable but also very warm and quiet. Meranti wood density strongly depends on the species and can range from 300 kg/m3 to 1050 kg/m3 . It is recommend for places exposed to moisture. In windows and doors production most commonly used meranti is the one with a density above 450 kg / m3 , which ensures consistent quality of the final product.

Oak - is the best building material out of native broadleaved trees, better than pine or even larch. Oak wood is hard, very durable and resistant to abrasion. It is characterised by high durability and resistance to changing moisture conditions. It has been widely appreciated all around the world for centuries.


Our timber windows are coated with a 4 stage paint process from Teknos involving a wood preservative, primer, intermediate coat and topcoat. Tecknos coatings are formulated to keep your products looking attractive year after year, resisting the elements, maintaining appearance and value.

Each layer in the Teknos Aqua system has been carefully formulated both for its specific purpose and to work in synergy with the other products in the system to achieve maximum performance, including:

  • Vacuum impregnation, wood preservative and combi primers product to preserve and prime the wood.
  • Primers to fill the wood's pores and provide an anchor for intermediate or topcoats.
  • Specialist primers and intermediate coats to block and inhibit tannin staining.
  • End grain and construction joint fillers to protect the most vulnerable areas of exposed joinery.
  • Intermediate products to fill the pores of coarser wood species, providing a more uniform surface for top coating.
  • Flexible, micro porous topcoats for an attractive, durable yet flexible surface.


Pine Stain Finish Examples

Below are some of the finishes that can be achieved using our 

Oak Stain Finish Examples

Opaque Colour Collection

All timber sash windows can also be painted in an opaque colour from a dynamic collection of 796 colours. A sample of some of the colours available can be seen to the right alternatively please download the colour chart brochure here.