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George Barnsdale

There is no better way to appreciate the elegance, beauty and strength of timber than when used as the entrance door to a property.  With its natural characteristics uniquely enhancing any building, its high security and durability are formidable qualities for the discerning door purchaser.

George Barnsdale have been perfecting their impressive range of doors for over 125 years and offer high quality combined with excellent performance as a result of their extensive testing. They offer a huge range of options to choose from including; different configurations, glazing, fittings, insulated timber panels and a wide range of profiles. There is also the option to match your door into their casement range seamlessly coupled them for maximum effect.

All George Barnsdale entrance doors offer:

  • A product of premium calibre, constructed from the finest materials
  • Traditional period features
  • Engineered timber from certified, sustainable sources providing excellent durability
  • Market leading guarantees including a 10 year paint guarantee
  • Excellent weather performance assured by third party test validation
  • High quality hardware and enhanced security
  • Excellent thermal performance achieved by design optimised computer modelling


All George Barnsdale doors are offered with high quality ironmongery which is available in a wide range of standard finishes and options, all being compatible with their Euro-profile high performance locking system.


As standard, Engineered Redwood free from knots and imperfections, is used for all frames and window sashes manufactured at George Barnsdale. Engineered Redwood can be produced at almost any length, helping to reduce wastage.  Another huge benefit of Engineered Redwood is its reduced moisture uptake and increased stability.  This enhances the coating's life span and therefore the door’s lifespan (this being the key to a long life door, because the door will last indefinitely if the coating remains intact).  Aside from the aesthetic effect, removing knots also prevents resin exudation which will damage the coating.  Additionally, they also have a range of hardwoods and Accoya® modified timber to choose from including: Grandis Hardwood, European Oak and Accoya ® modified timber.


At George Barnsdale, they have developed a coating system to provide maximum protection to the timber, while allowing it to breathe and show off its natural characteristics.  The coating system is key to the longevity of the door, serving 3 purposes; slow down the rate of moisture being absorbed and released, prevent UV light damage and to provide an appealing surface finish and colour to the door. This special coating system allows them to offer a 10 year guarantee on their pain finishes.  They can also provide dual colour doors should you wish to have a different colour on either side of your door, or an alternative colour for the frame and sash. For complete flexibility, they can provide almost any paint or stain colour from the RAL, Natural Colour System (NCS) or British Standard colour system, and even from an actual sample!


There is a comprehensive range of customisable, high performance glazing including; toughened safety glass, laminated security glass, acoustic glass, solar control glass, lead, stained glass, obscure glass, and textured glass.

Door styles

Thanks to their manufacturing process, George Barnsdale can manufacture almost any style door and frame configuration, so that you can create the exact product that you require.  They have also created a in inspiring range of door and frame designs to suit many applications for those who are looking for ideas.


Their industry leading guarantees ensure both reassurance and confidence that you are getting products that will last.


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